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Table games are the most hands-on experience of gambling in a casino ( real or virtual). They are your best bet at employing your prior strategic gamble knowledge rather than just waiting for a lever to score in your favor. At any casino, you’ll have your chance to duel with lady fortune in mostly the following :

  • Blackjack
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Three Card Poker
  • Three Card Brag
  • Slots

These are not all the table games you’d find in a casino but they’re usually the ones most played. The reason for preference is a chance of active involvement in the play and something that is called the house edge. It is the amount of profit the casino makes on a series of gambling by the customers over a certain time period.

The above mentioned games in specific have a low house edge which means more money for you and less for the house. The table games are also divided depending on certain elements that they use like some use cards (poker, blackjack, casino war etc), some dice rolls (craps, Pai gow, Kauda) and some neither (fan tan, two up).

Table games are quintessential most to a casino ambiance and everyone wants to experience them even if they’re not skilled and it is just for fun. Which is why at Crazyfox we provide the widest of the variety and range for table games with a number of variants. They’re more than a hundred in number and legally certified - so your safe gambling experience is only a click away with an amazing user-friendly format and a super 20% cashback policy.

Crazyfox is your one stop destination for a wide range of casino experience especially that in table games. The online casino provides only legalized gambling adventure through genuine and verified game producers to eradicate the chances of any deceit. Our site provides many different variations of the top most table games in casino adding upto about 115 in number. The most famous of the table games include the following:


Blackjack tops not just with us but generally in any casino as well. This card game is a perfect balance of skill, patience and fortune hence much more fun than sitting in front of a computer doing the tricks for you. We provide you more than just one variant of the game including single and double deck. This is what decides your chances of winning against the dealer going for that magical 21.


Our online casino provides at least ten variants of the famous “spin your luck on a wheel” table game. Roulettes are by far the most exciting and preferred table games especially European roulette because of its low house edge. The roulette games available include Royal Roulette, Crystal Roulette, Roulette Gold etc.


It is commonly perceived as a table game that is played amongst the players but there are times when the house and a dealer are also part of the foreplay. Unlike a lot of other table games in a casino, Poker is actually quite a balance of both luck and skill. Our online casino has almost all the likeable variants for this one including the Caribbean stud poker, Three Card Poker, American Poker, Joker Poker etc.

Roulette actually originates from a French origin; it is in the language itself that the word means “little wheel” which is the emblem of this table game. French roulette is of course different from both European and American roulette; more so from the latter than former. Popular in the casinos of Monte Carlo, this form of roulette has the lowest house edge among all three which is 1.35%.

The foreplay is on the standard European wheel which has a single zero and the remaining divisions from 1 till 36. The dimensions and placement of numbers on the French roulette table differ from American roulette. For a player to gamble in a French roulette it is important to become familiar with the kinds of bets and their names since they’re all in French. But that's not a halt to the excitement of it; in fact it only gives that sophisticated enchante touch to it..

Also, it isn’t very difficult to remember because they’re six in number and a croupier is always around to deal for you. The types of bets (inside and outside) are the same as European roulette with an additional rule at play called En Prison where the ball landing on zero on the wheel doesn’t make you lose the bet. This is a condition where if the ball doesn’t land on the spot you had made a bet on - your entire bet gets locked ( or imprisoned) until you get the right number ( a zero again, La Partage) and then you can take with you half the amount of your bet.

Roulette is the simplest yet intriguing most of the playoffs; a spinning wheel, a ball spun around its rim and 38 pockets on the wheel for the ball to drop in. The numbering sequence in American Roulette is 1 through 36, 0 and 00. Zeros are green while the remaining numbers are equally divided in red and black color on the wheel.

Your bet is to guess where on the wheel will the ball land. The most common bets are single bets or bets on color. Playing with a single bet may give you a lower chance of winning but if you do win, the payout will be super high (35:1). And betting on color increases your chances of winning by 18 times but with a much lesser payout. You can also bet on an arrangement of numbers say two, three and four.

There are also guesses for the final number to be even or odd, or for the ball to land high (19 to 36) or low (1 to 18). All bets used in American Roulette have a house edge of 5.26% except for one which is called the fiver number bet. It is when you bet on the ball landing in either 0,00,1,2 or 3. This gives you a by default house edge of 7.8%. This type of roulette usually involves a systematic play based on the Martingale system. With that you can double the amount of your bet every time you lose till you eventually win, gaining back the money you had placed on the bet with an additional profit

Despite an almost similar betting structure to the American roulette, European roulette is perhaps the most popular and favourite of the roulettes to exist. The reason is its house edge being 2.7% which means more money for you and lesser for the casino itself. The basic structure of this table game is the same as the other two which is that the playoff is initiated after all the players place their bets. The dealer will spin the wheel and the ball will be thrown on the rim in the opposite direction - your bet was to guess where the ball will land. The rules include two types of bets; inside and outside bets - Inside and Outside bets.

When making an inside bets, you can choose a single number (straight up bet), two numbers close by (split bet), three in one row (street bet), a four numbered group (Corner bet) and even six numbers in a line (Line Bet). Each of these has a different payout with straight up bet having the highest ratio of 35:1 and also the lowest chances of winning. And there is a complete set of outside bets where you can place your bet on 2-1 box (column bet), a group of twelve numbers (dozen bet), color, odds and evens and highs or lows. 2:1 is the ratio of the highest payout in this table game and can be won by playing the first two among the outside bets.

European roulette is some casinos also caters the two specific rules of its French derivative; En prison and La Partage. The former is an extra advantage where the game still goes on if the ball lands on a zero. Here, you can either claim half the bet money and leave or roll another round of spinning the wheel, bet the outcome and if it matches, you get all your money back. La partage is half of this; in case of a zero landing you have no choice but to take half the bet money only.

Poker may have come to you, if you’re not experienced, as a private game that pulls on small hand betting. It is actually a proper casino game with many different variations depending on strategies, rules and location of the casino itself.

It is commonly perceived as a table game that is played amongst the players but there are times when the house and a dealer are also part of the foreplay. Unlike a lot of other table games in a casino, Poker is actually quite a balance of both luck and skill. At Crazyfox, you can experience the following poker variants:

Carribean stud poker

In a casino or online, it is played against a dealer. The ante is settled before the dealer announces “no more bets”. Five cards in one hand of each player (dealer included) and all the hands that beat the dealer’s (both ante and raise bets) win.

Texas hold’em

This table game variant is where you’ll get seven cards in total, make the best combination owing to the value of each card in the game and make others fold theirs through “bluffing” to win.

Three card poke

You will play with three cards, place a wager against the dealer especially if you have a Queen, six or four. If your hand stands higher than the dealer’s you get your ante and play wager paid to you in the end.

American poker

It is a classic online table game where you bet against other players and not a dealer. Five renewable/exchangeable cards and your primary aim is to have the best hand with maximum volume of cards.

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BlackJack also called “21” is the simplest and most favorite of the table games. Everyone plays against the dealer betting initially with two cards and adding on to get the closest possible to 21.

Roulette is your famous “spin the wheel” table game which requires no strategy as such but a solid luck. It has variations including European, French and American roulette; all with distinguishing benefits. You place your bet on a small ball dropping in either of the pockets of the wheel.

Bacarat is a mysterious; often considered as a high-stake table game. Cards are dealt giving both player and the dealer two to begin with. Your only job is to bet which hand will be the closest to 9; that is the showstopper in this case.

Craps is where you’ll get the loudest cheers from in a casino. The play off is to roll the dice on a scoreboard. 7 or 11 is a straight win whereas 2,3 or 12 is a shame, the rest in between make the player roll to get the same numbers twice to win.

Caribbean Stud poker is one of the most famous derivatives of poker which first started around 1980s. This table game goes by the playoff between a single dealer and all the players on a table.The ante is placed before an announcement of “no more bets”. All the players gamble to yield the best hand with five cards or better than the dealer.

Blackjack is by far the most famous of the gamble charms in the US casinos. Your formula to win in this one is practice, patience and reruns. The rules are simple, different cards hold different values - 2 to 10 have the value of the number on the card, face cards (ones with faces/pictures on them) are a 10 and the Ace is either a 1 or 11. Your target is to draw cards which total close to the number 21 without surpassing the dealer’s cards. A two card 21 (ace and a face card) is considered the best bet or the blackjack itself!

The game starts with stacking a bet throwing chips right in front of yourself on a table, the cards are then dealt giving each player and the dealer two cards initially. You can then hit (draw more card (s)), stand (draw none), Split ( make two bets equally dividing the first two cards) or double down ( doubling the bet and getting just one more card). And in this if you go over 21 with your cards, you bust that is you lose your bet!

Since the dealer plays for the house, he/she too strictly abides certain rules which will work in favor of the house. These rules specifically are incorporated to benefit teh house in the longer run. On turn to reveal the card (s) which have been face down, the dealer plays by fixed rules; which are that with a score 16 or lower, the dealer will always take another card. It is only after a hard 17 (without an ace) that the dealer will stand i.e not draw anymore cards. The table limits for blackjack vary with location and rules of a casino, some offer to bet at a minimum five dollars whereas at some casinos you can go as low as one dollar!

Double down in blackjack is a classic excitement if only played while knowing the rules and the risks. This move gives you the autonomy to make a bet midway into the game. You can double your bet value and get hit with a single card for the rest of the game, so it is crucial to know when and how to go about it.

We recommend a total of three times that you can utilize this in blackjack :

  • If your cards total 11
  • If you got soft 16,17 or 18 ( soft means ace and a number card)
  • If you have a hard 9 or 10 (without ace)

All these can (with practice) help you get closer to the magic number 21. And there is one place only where you should never double down in a blackjack; it is when the dealer is showing an ace. This will increase their chances of scoring 21 or close and decrease yours. Double down can be mastered only with a consistency of calculating the risk and safety both. It is also essential to know the rules of the casino you’re gambling in (virtual or real) i.e at what value they allow you to double down. And if you’re smart enough, you would want to be keen in observing what the dealer hits upto because it will tell their chances of exceeding the 21.

Table games at casinos, without a doubt, are a foreplay of strategy, practice and luck; the former two you can work with, the latter - not so much. So, you do a little homework before going to a casino for a table game unless you’re only there to have fun. Also remember that technically nothing in a casino would have better odds of winning for you because “ the house always wins”. That's how the casino world runs- its revenue generation and they make sure that more money comes to the house than it leaves! However, some table games are still a little more tilted towards your favour than the others. It is all about the house edge! (the amount of your bet that a casino takes as profit over a certain time period of gambling)

Here’s the table games that offer the best odds of winning at a Casino:


Blackjack tops the list with a house edge about an average 1-2% and if you’re a complete beginner and unskilled then it may go to upto 3% max. Here your advantage of winning is the remaining 97-99% which makes it a pretty good deal for anyone at all. Also, the game is pretty simple and all the players are drawing against one dealer and not each other so less opponents!


Baccarat is your best bet since of all table games. All it involves is either betting on a player or a banker where betting on the latter has a fee attached to it. So it is pretty simple and has a house edge of 1.9 (average). Betting on a tie would increase it to a solid 14 % so that’s a no!


This table game has one shooter rolling a dice to score either a seven or eleven to win- otherwise you keep rolling till you get the same combination twice. With a house edge of 1.4 to max 5 percent and a 50/50 chance of winning it's only fun to keep rolling a dice to make money!


European roulette should be your go to table game because it practically halves the house edge (2.8%) as compared to the American (5.6%). Moreover, it’s a simple guessing game where you have much more chances of winning some money than to lose most of it.

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