How do online slots work?

What are pokies

Slot machines have been played for more than 100 years, which is a fact that can surprise lots of newbies in the gambling industry. Though the online slots are being known in the middle of the 90s when they were not that popular as nowadays. While in the past 2 decades this has changed a lot and now the casino industry is completely different because of the development of the online slots.

Nowadays, lots of players prefer to play online slots and it is actually something normal. They are getting regular bonuses, there is no need to travel to the gaming clubs and there are many varieties of them, including such with very interesting scenarios and storylines. When you combine all of this you will understand why the online slots are so preferred in our modern world.

How Online Slots Work

We are sure that even the newbies are aware of how the online slots are working. But still, we will give you a brief of how they are really working. Usually, the slots are having symbols, pictures or even numbers. In order to win something from the slots, you will have to check the paylines (have all required symbols on one line). The symbols or the numbers will have to be placed in some order if you want to be among the winners. But we are going to write more about the paylines below.

There are different online slots - with three reels or five reels (nowadays there are even different types). You can see bonus rounds, scatters and even wild symbols. Even jackpot slots are available, though they are working a little bit differently. Today, the most popular is the 5 reels slots as each casino is having plenty of them.

What to Know About the Paylines

Usually, there are slots with fixed paylines but there are such where the paylines may be selected by the player. The payline literary means a line of symbols on a slot machine (most like horizontal) which can bring you profit. Depending on the slot you are playing the line can be even diagonal, broken etc. If you want to play with a bigger payline, more funds will be required for staking. Playing with more paylines is not guaranteeing you more winnings but the odds are going to be increased.

Bet Max at the Online Slots

Winning at the online slots depends on the RNG mostly. But there is also an RTP technology programmed in the software. So if you want to win, there is very little importance if you are playing with the button bet max or not. Yes, you will increase the paylines and the stake but this is not going to guarantee you more winnings. Though theoretically, your chances are bigger if you play that way according to the guides.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

We have mentioned about the random number generator (RNG) so let us briefly explain to you what is this and how it is working. Every online slot is a software and it has a backend code behind. It is programmed with such so-called random number generator. According to some sources, there are from 0 to 4 billion numbers generated at each moment when you spin the wheel. To make it a little bit easier to understand, here is the exact process of a spin:

  • A player presses the spin button and a random number starts generating.
  • An algorithm in the games software translates that number and sorts out where the reel must stop.
  • Once the reels have stopped, the slot automatically calculates the outcome.
  • Just after that, the player is being notified whether he won or not.

So we can summarize that the RNG is a software which is completely random. It does not count or follow your previous wins or losses. Pressing the spin button earlier or later will not result in a different outcome. Everything, as a result, will come because of this RNG software.

Play For Free Games

Did you know that you are having the chance to play the most of the slots absolutely for free? You can do it by simply clicking on the ‘Play for Free’ option. You can launch every slot and try to play it with some virtual/demo funds.

This is another great way to test all the features such as Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers and even bonus rounds and games during the spins. You will see also how the paylines are really working, what are the combinations for winning, and how to launch a bonus rounds with some free spins.

Once you have it all sorted out, you can start playing with real money, just one click more is needed. At our casino, we offer all types of great bonus offers if you decide to deposit some money to play our casino games for real cash. You can also try the rest of the bonuses, especially the functionality called cashback which is not very common nowadays.

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