Which online slots pay real money?

What are pokies

Before we start with this interesting topic, we would like to write to you that there is no slot machine which is not created to provide you with the chance of winning money. Answering the question, do online slots pay real money - yes, they are paying!

All over the internet, there are many casino websites, offering their slots, along with gaming providers. But before you get paid you will need to have luck, consistency and maybe some bonus games (free spins as well) which can boost your chances of winning. In this article, we will briefly explain how the slots machines are working and which of them are really paying real money.

Why Playing Online Slots with Real Money

First of all, you are not obligated to play different online slots with real money. In almost every online casino there are two options when you open your preferred game - to play for fun or to play with real money. If you are willing to play with demo funds without spending a single dollar from your bank account, no one can stop you. It will definitely bring you some fun and at least you will understand how the certain slot game is behaving. You can also analyse and think about how you can be successful and how to make money.

If you think that this is accomplished already, you can alternatively, fund your account and decide to play with real money. This is the most interesting part actually because you will need to follow some unwritten rules if you do not want to lose all your money. We will briefly describe them later. You should know that if you want to play slots in an online casino, all of them will have the option to be opened and played with real money.

Unwritten Rules to Win Real Money From Online Slots

It is not easy to follow terms and conditions but these rules we have listed below are important and if you want to be successful in winning money from online slots, you will have to keep to them. The slots are not created to give money to anyone, they have an RTP (returns to player percentage). So nothing is guaranteed and it will be hard for you to be on the top of your play all the time.

  • Make sure you are self-disciplined.
  • Consistency and patience is everything you need.
  • Be sure that you are familiar with the slot you are playing.
  • When you start losing hit the breaks.
  • When you are winning tend to quit to avoid future losses.

We know that it is not that easy to follow these simple instructions but as far as you strictly keep to them, we can promise you that in a long-term plan you can be a very successful slot player.

Why I Cannot Win Constantly

It is simply impossible to be that lucky in order to win constantly for a certain online slot game. These games are built with an integrated RTP technology. The return to player percentage may vary but it is most often set to around 95-97%. This means that the casino keeps only from 3% to 5% of all stakes on the slot games. Of course, if you manage to see a slot game with a lower RTP, better skip it as we have seen such with 75%. This is too low and your chances of winning are significantly decreased.

If you think what is going on when you are losing when the casino is not winning from you too, the answer to that question is very simple. There are players from all over the world who are playing at the same time. So if you are losing in a certain moment, another player from different region or country is winning. This is how the slots are working and this is why you cannot win constantly.

Online Slots That Pay Real Money

As we have already answered a similar question above, all online slots are paying real money. Some of them are going to pay you out more, while others are not going to give you so much. Everything depends on the RTP and on your self-discipline and consistency. As long as you are checking these things you chances will be very good.

If you are still looking for online slots that can give you more chances to win, you can always search of such with around 97-98% RTP. Or simply try such which can provide you with bonus games, jackpots and even free spins. Actually, the free spins are going to be provided by the casino brand where you are going to play. Still, you have more than 5000 options (slots) where you can choose to play and win some real money!

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