How to withdraw money from an online casino?

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There are so many online casinos that it is almost impossible to choose where exactly to play your favourite games. To be honest, the best casinos are those where you can freely deposit and withdraw money. The good thing is that our casino is one of the best in the industry and the payouts are happening very fast.

Definitely, there are many other online casinos where the withdrawing process is also easy and fast. This is the reason why we have created this article, to keep you informed about how fast you can cash out funds and how to do it. After all, we need to be sure where we are depositing money and whether we can withdraw them at all. All online casinos where you will be required to meet impossible conditions with no chance of withdrawing your funds, you should reject them just before you apply there.

What Should I Do Before Before Requesting a Withdrawal?

When it comes to withdrawals, every casino is having its own terms and conditions which need to be met before you are able to make your request for payout. Most of the brands are going to ask you, for example, to provide some documents, so they can verify your identity. Our brand is one of these casinos which will require you to pass your KYC. But do not worry, it is not something difficult and it will take no more than 24-48 hours. There are some other things you will be required to do before requesting a withdrawal:

  • Pass the KYC verification process (Verify your ID/Driver Licenses/Passport, Proof of Address and Payment Method)
  • Be sure that all your bonus funds are wagered
  • Follow all conditions for withdrawing strictly in order to your payout request not get rejected
  • Make sure you have covered the minimum withdrawal amount set in the terms and conditions

3 Steps to Follow For Withdrawing Money From an Online Casino

There are some simple steps which you have to follow before withdrawing any funds. They can be different for each online casino brand. The procedure of paying out is standard and there is nothing difficult about it. Below you can check these easy steps of how you can request a withdrawal from your selected casino:

  1. Make sure you have enough funds before requesting the withdrawal
  2. Go to the banking page or section and choose a payment method
  3. Type the amount you wish to cash out and send the request

If you managed to pass successfully the verification process and everything else is good you will get your money very soon. Actually, different online casinos have different paying time frames. If there are any troubles with your withdrawal, the selected online casino will reach you, providing you with more information about the issue. You will be briefly notified why your request for paying out was declined or rejected. Do not worry, you will not lose these funds, they will be returned to your account.

How Fast Can I Receive My Money?

Before requesting a withdrawal you will have to wait some hours or days in order to see the money in your bank account or eWallet. This is the so-called payment processing time. Every online casino is having a payment department and daily they are receiving hundreds of withdrawing requests. This means that not all of your payouts will be processed immediately. Usually, these departments are doing their best to approve your cash out requests for less than 4 hours but some times it can take longer.

When your payment is processed, the ball will be in the field of your bank holder or eWallet company. For instance, if you have requested your funds using the Bank Transfer payout, you will have to wait a while. Usually, the banks need 3-5 business days before they can process your transactions. Of course, there are banks where these days are reduced to 1 day or even a few hours but it is different. While requesting money through eWallets can take even less than 24 hours.

eWallet as a Payment Method, is it Faster?

The best thing about requesting a payment through your most favourite eWallet is the fact that you will get your money almost instantly. Many online casinos are having big selections of online payment methods, especially when it comes to withdrawals. The most popular gateways are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, EntroPay, YandexMoney and even WebMoney. All of them are classified as online wallets and they have no commissions (or very low commissions) and all transactions are happening immediately.

Payments With Cryptocurrencies

You can also choose to get your money in a certain cryptocurrency. Nowadays, everyone is very passionate about Bitcoins or Litecoins. The truth is that there are very few online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies as they are still something new in the industry. Also, getting money as Bitcoins can take a while and you will need a third party account settled. The good thing is that there are enough secured eWallets which allows you to trade with cryptocurrencies.

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